People increasingly move in an international environment, mostly for professional or business reasons, but also because of private relationships or – in the later part of their lives – to spend their retirement abroad. A foreign connection is for example given if the permanent residence is abroad, children live abroad or assets are located in other countries.

Such a foreign connection affects not only family arrangements, divorce or an inheritance, but also real estate or other assets located abroad. That is when international relationships arise that lead to changes in the legal framework. Effects with regard to provision and protection should therefore be considered at an early stage.

Legal uncertainties may arise, particularly with regard to the applicable law and the jurisdiction of authorities or courts. Differences in the law may also occur within a country. For example, the applicable law in Spain depends on the region, so different laws may apply on the Balearic Islands than on the mainland. Therefore, it must always be carefully checked which law applies and what the consequences are.

Round Table

We rightly talk about these topics in our Round Table meetings. The Round Table is an action of Herfurth & Partner and serves to clarify and secure wishes and decisions in the family in connection with assets, provision and succession.

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