A family means joint life, home and safety and the creation of common values. At a time when much is changing, living conditions in families are also changing: international activities, living abroad, acquiring assets at home and abroad, international marriages, children with several citizenships and much more.

However, family relationships themselves often change: what begins harmoniously may end in conflicts of interest and disputes. Therefore, appropriate precautions must be taken, and a fair solution sought in the event of conflict. This applies even more to families with an international background and to marriages with entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

But also in the existence of a family, important considerations and decisions have to be made and implemented: Asset planning, succession planning, risk protection and tax planning. Here, too, the importance of issues with an international dimension has increased significantly.

We will be happy to provide you with important information and answers to your questions here and in our consultation practice.


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Angelika Herfurth

We talk about these issues in our round table meetings to be rightly private. The Round Table is an action of Herfurth & Partner and serves to clarify and secure wishes and decisions in the family in connection with assets, retirement planning and succession.

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  • Der digitale Nachlass  |  Angelika Herfurth  |  Oct 2017
  • Die steuerliche Betriebsaufspaltung  |  Thielker / Stuff  |  Jun 2017
  • Minderjährige Gesellschafter  |  U. Herfurth, Hollunder-Reese  |  Feb 2016
  • Die neue Europäische Erbrechtsverordnung   |  Angelika Herfurth   |  Jul 2015
  • LifeBook  |  Ulrich Herfurth  |  Jan 2014
  • Die internationale Ehe  |  Angelika Herfurth  |  Okt 2013
  • Persönliche Verfügungen  |  Angelika Herfurth  |  Mar 2013
  • Vererbung von Unternehmen  |  Ulrich Herfurth  |  Feb 2013
  • Testamente – Formen und Arten  |   Angelika Herfurth  |   Mai 2012
  • Der Erbvertrag  |   Ulrich Herfurth  |  Feb 2012
  • Erbschaftsteuerliche Poolvereinbarungen  |  Petra Debring  |  Sep 2011
  • Die Testamentsvollstreckung |  Petra Debring  |  Mai 2011
  • Die internationale Erbschaft   |   Petra Debring, Angelika Herfurth  |  2011
  • Erbrecht und Gestaltungen  |  Angelika Herfurth   |  Jun 2010
  • Die neue Erbschaftsteuer  |  Petra Debring  |  Apr 2010
  • Der Unternehmer im Familienrecht  |  Petra Debring  |  Dez 2009
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