Taxation abroad

Assets abroad are generally subject to taxation in Germany for German taxpayers. However, there are various forms in which income from sources abroad is also taxed there, such as bank deposits, securities accounts, real estate and interests in companies.In order to avoid double taxation of taxpayers’ income abroad and in Germany, Germany maintains double taxation agreements (DTAs) with numerous countries. Germany exempts such foreign income from taxation by means of crediting or exemption (usually with progression proviso). However, most double taxation treaties only cover taxes on salaries, benefits and profits. 

To avoid double taxation on inheritances and gifts, there are only a few agreements. Although the German tax authorities may refrain from double taxation, in some countries (such as the USA and Canada) the tax types do not correspond to the German inheritance tax, so that double taxation may result. To avoid this, timely cross-border (legal) arrangements are recommended.

Round Table

We rightly talk about these topics in our Round Table meetings. The Round Table is an action of Herfurth & Partner and serves to clarify and secure wishes and decisions in the family in connection with assets, provision and succession.

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